Have Any Questions? We Have Answers!

Can I have a real Christmas tree in my Condominium?
Yes, many strata corporations often quote "rules & regulations" that ban live Christmas trees in their buildings. However, the Condominium Act of 1998 shows that these r
ules apply only to common property, not strata lots. Therefore, If a strata corporation adopts a rule that bans live Christmas trees, then it is only banning them from the common property and is unenforceable once in your condo. To prohibit live Christmas trees in strata lots, a strata corporation must adopt a bylaw. 

Does delivery cost extra?
Weekday deliveries are included in the price of our Fraser Fir Christmas trees. However, a premium of $10 will be charged for Weekend deliveries.

Will having a live tree increase the risk of a fire?
A well maintained Christmas tree that is watered daily will not increase the risk of a fire during the holidays. In fact, a fresh Fraser Fir Christmas tree is safer for your home than most "fire-retardent" artificial trees.

If you are interested in more information. Please download the PDF below. This is an article from the Christmas Tree Journal, in association with the Michigan Christmas Tree Association on Christmas tree fire safety. 

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Is having a real Christmas tree environmentally friendly?

Yes, real Christmas trees are a renewable and reusable resource. For every tree harvested, another is planted in its place to ensure a steady supply year after year. Real Christmas trees absorb carbon dioxide and other harmful "greenhouse" gases and release fresh oxygen into the air. Meanwhile, artificial Christmas trees are made from nonrenewable petroleum-based plastics that use up natural resources. Once used, they are gone forever!

How will the tree be delivered?
Your EZ Tree Christmas tree will be delivered to your home in one of our no mess tree bags. Once inside your home, the tree will be unbaled and any possible mess will be vacuumed by our staff before they leave.

How long should I expect to wait before being contacted about scheduling a time for delivery?
Our staff will need roughly 24 hours after your order has been placed to contact you about scheduling a delivery time.

How long will my tree last?
Before delivering your tree, EZ Tree staff cut the bottom 2 inches off the tree trunk to ensure its freshness and to improve its water intake. An EZ Tree Fraser Fir will stay fresh through December and most of January. 

Can I put lights and decorations on my tree?
Decorate your tree how you see fit. Only use LED lights as they are energy efficient and do not give off heat which would dry out your tree. 

What if I can't be available for my scheduled delivery time?
We highly recommend that someone is home to receive your tree. The tree will need to be placed in the ideal location in your home with the assistance of our delivery staff. If no one is available to receive the tree, we will not leave your tree in the common area, and it will be re-delivered at another time. An additional re-delivery fee of $10 will apply.