Fraser Fir Christmas Trees

The Fraser Fir is widely known as the ULTIMATE Christmas tree. It is gaining tremendous recognition as an outstanding Christmas tree largely because of its beautiful layered appearance, upswept branch angle and excellent needle retention. It has attractive 1" needles that are silvery-green and soft to the touch. 

In addition, it has a very pleasant sweet scent and is known to last longer and stay fresher then other Christmas trees. We guarantee that you will love your tree. If you don't, a new tree will be delivered, free of charge, and your tree disposal is on us!

Christmas Tree Grades: All of our trees are professionally graded Ontario grown Fraser Firs to ensure our customers get exactly what they desire year-after-year. Unlike American and Nova Scotia "Snowtips" & No.2 Grade Christmas trees you would find at retail tree lots or hardware stores, our trees are hand selected from the fields to ensure all trees that are not up to the professional's standards are left to continue growing until they are ready for a good home. That way there is little-to-no waste, and no deforestation has taken place. 

No. 1 Grade: Medium-Heavy density tree that is perfect for a downtown home or condominium with a shortage of space. On average 1-2' thinner in diameter then our premium grade. This will allow you to go a whole foot taller without increasing the girth of the tree. These trees are designed to have one thinner side to be placed against the wall or in a corner to save space and still give the appearance of a beautiful full tree. 

Premium Grade: Heavy density tree that is perfect for residential homes with surplus space. All 4 sides are perfectly symmetrical so the tree can be placed in the center of the room or in front of a large window to make all your neighbours envious

Available Tree Sizes: Delivery + Installation:
5'    No. 1 Grade - $80          7am - 9pm Weekdays - FREE
6'    No. 1 Grade - $100     7am - 7pm Weekends - FREE
6.5' No. 1 Grade - $105
7'    No. 1 Grade - $110 | 7'    Premium Grade - $120
7.5' No. 1 Grade - $115 | 7.5' Premium Grade - $130
8'    No. 1 Grade - $120 |  8'   Premium Grade - $140
8.5' No. 1 Grade - $130 | 8.5' Premium - $150
9'    No. 1 Grade - $140 | 9'    Premium - $160
10'  No. 1 Grade $160 | 10'  Premium - $200
11'  No. 1 Grade $200 | 11'  Premium - $240
12' + Available by Phone.
*Please give a minimum of 3 days notice for any tree 10' or above

 Special Offer:
*** 5' No. 1 Grade w. Stand & Disposal Bag - $90 *** 
Great for small condominiums or a 2nd tree for the Kids!

Christmas Tree Disposal Service

EZ Tree understands that many Torontonians wish to keep their Christmas trees for the entire twelve days of Christmas. For this reason we offer an extended disposal service that runs from December 27th till January 11th.

Our disposal service is clean and simple. One of our trusted Grinch staff will quickly bag your tree, vacuum any fallen needles and remove your tree without any mess. Just make sure the decorations are off by the time they arrive. 

5'-8' Disposal - $30
9'-10' Disposal - $40
11'+ Disposal - $50
Christmas Tree Stand Rental

EZ Tree understands that you don't want to store a stand all year round. That is why we offer Christmas Tree Stand Rentals in addition to our tree disposal service. However, if you choose to dispose of your Christmas tree yourself, we can sell you a Cinco Express Christmas tree stand for a fair price.

Stand Rental - $15
Cinco Stand Purchase:
8' Tree Stand - $30
10' Tree Stand - $40
12' Tree Stand - $50

NEW *Christmas Tree Watering Kit*

EZ Tree understands that watering your tree every day can become a chore. That is why we are now offering the Cinco Watering Kit. This unique Christmas tree siphon will help keep your Fraser Fir fresh throughout the holidays. The watering kit adds an additional 4 litres of water to any stand. Saving you up to 8 days of watering your tree when combined with our 8' Cinco stands. This makes it the perfect product to take away any worries for people who travel a lot during the holidays or Offices that are closed on weekends. The kit's water level is easy to monitor as it matches the water level in the tree stand. 

But thats not all, the watering system can be used to reverse the flow of water from the stand to the jug. So when the holidays are over you will have an empty stand for easier tree disposal. 

Watering Kit Purchase - $15
*Not on our order system yet, please add in the comment section of the order form*

Floor Protection Mat

EZ Tree understands that protecting your floor is important to the value of your home. That is why we offer Christmas Tree Floor Protection Mat Rentals in addition to our tree disposal service. However, if you choose to dispose of your Christmas tree yourself, we can sell you a Floor Protection Mat for a fair price. 

The Drymate Floor Protection Mat is the perfect solution for protecting your floors from spilt water and possible scratches from the stand. Drymate's patented Zorb Tech anti-flow material technology allows this incredible mat to absorb 8 times its weight in fluids, while still preventing soak through with its bonded water-proof backing! 

Floor Mat Rental - $5
Floor Mat Purchase - $20