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What the THE STAR has to say about EZ Tree:

"When it comes to the Christmas tree, you may follow the tradition of heading off to a tree farm where you choose your own, cut it down and bring it to the car on the back of a horse-drawn wagon while you sing carols. That idea is completely romantic and lovely — and I wish that was everyone’s tradition.

My reality is far different and I find myself frustrated that, after I stuff my freshly purchased tree in the car, I have to make time to vacuum out the needles. Then there’s the search for the saw to re-cut the bottom and make it straight for the stand, the scrubbing to get pine gum off your hands, then crawling under the tree to alter the fly nut on the stand in another attempt to straighten the tree. I’ve watched that process incite more arguments between couples than trying to put together furniture from Ikea.

There is an easier way. EZ Tree delivery service lets you order an Ontario Fraser fir, freshly cut and will organize a time with you from 8 a.m. until 10 p.m. to bring the tree to your home, prepare it for your base (or you can rent one of their bases), put the tree up, make sure it’s straight and secure, and leave. You decorate the tree to suit yourself and at the end of the season they will come back, remove it and dispose of it. Thank you for no needles in the car or in the house after the tree is gone (

You don’t really know what you’re getting with a grocery-store or home-store tree until you unwrap it and get it into your house. With EZ tree, you get a quality tree and you only have deal with the stress of getting the eggnog just right, and the tree-trimming party. Even the Grinch would be delighted with the simplicity of such an easy tree solution."